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LutraCAM Milling services

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Milling Services For Your Company

LutraCAM workst together with LutraCAD to provide the best software to design insoles and produce high quality insoles. A workflow where you only need one software package, from scanning until production.

How It Works

1. Scanning Hardware
You can use any scanner on the market. Our design software is open and can import images and 3D scans. Most scanners can be controlled directly!

2. Design Software
You can use LutraCAD Insoles software to design the perfect insole.

3. Order At LutraCAM
From within the software you can press the order now button and configure material and topcover.

4. Delivery
After ordering the insole, we will start immediatly so you can have the insoles delivered to your client within a couple of days (depending on your location).


EVA Digisole®
We use your trusted EVA material with the PUZO Digisole® and PUZO Realux®. The best quality EVA on the market within reach. Choose between different combinations of shore values, uni-, combi- and multilayer-block.

We have an assortment of leather and synthetic material, smooth or perforated and you can choose between different colors.

About us

We want people to worldwide walk better with insoles for an afforable price. Walking is something we do on a daily basis, without noticing how imporant it is to have good insoles. To achieve this we reach out to all podiatrist around the world to contact us. We are not podiatriast but we experts on how to produce insoles.

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